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(no subject)
I' m dead lazy... It's just that i don't really have something to post about right now, but at the same time when I get something... I'm too lazy xDDD Sorry T__T

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awww i'm missing you donsaeng-ie! lol i feel like a stalker seeing as how i commented on all ur posts so far

You don't even know how grateful I am for that xD So nice to know that someone stalks you xDDD

hehe the internet brings out the stalker in me =b
btw did you see koda kumi's pv for lollipop? i LOVED it, but a friend of mine did -not- =(

LOL, I would like to have my personal stalker, hyeong :D
Well, she IS my wifie, of course I watched it =) and loved it.

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